Will 'The Shield' deliver the Greatest finale Ever!?

by Joey Paur

Thats what they're saying! I didn't start watching 'The Shield' until 5 years into the show then I blazed throught the DVD's as fast as I could! I couldn't watch them fast enough, 'The Shield' is an amazing show! It is like a good book I just couldn't put it down! I am now impatiently waiting for the the final season to begin on September 2nd. Now this news comes out today from Variety:
"I've paid a lot of attention to finales of the shows that I've admired," he said. "There are shows that I thought were fantastic that had what I thought were weak finales and shows that had really great finales. We want to fall into the latter category."

Now here is what CCH Pounder (Claudette Wyms) say's about the finale:
"I think it's the greatest finale ever, hands down," she stated, boldly. "It blew my socks off. This finale is what Vic Mackey deserves."

Wow! I can't wait to see how it all goes down! If Vic Mackey gets what he deserves, it could go down so many different ways. If that isn't enough to get you excited David Marciano says:
"I can't concur with my co-star. You know, with 'The Sopranos,' there were mixed reviews about the finale. But I will tell you with this finale, there will be no mixed reviews. You will get your money's worth. Money back guarantee."

And What does Michael Chiklis (Vic Mackey) have to say?
"It's in the eye of the beholder," he warned. "You guys haven't seen it yet and I don't want to blow it. Shawn did a tremendous job writing the finale. Whether or not you guys see it that way, that's entirely in your hands. ... What thrills me about the finale is you will not see this coming. You will not know what we do. Then when you look back, you'll go, 'Holy cow, that's exactly right.'"

So there it is! Will 'The Shield' win the title of greatest finale ever? We'll just have to wait and see.

Venkman Out!

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