Previews for 'The Dark Knight' Recap!

by thedude
As everyone already well knows, last night's release of "The Dark Knight" didn't dissapoint. Nor, on that note, did the much anticipated  movie previews. What did we get a taste of? Check it out.

As if we wouldn't get a glimpse at the new Watchmen trailer. Check it out here

And like they're not going to throw us a taste of the new "Terminator Salvation" flick scheduled for a 2009 release. Rounding up the last of the new previews was Ridley Scott's "Body of Lies" starring Leo DiCaprio and Russell Crow.

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Now rumor has it folks that if you are lucky to catch "The Dark Knoght" on an IMAX screen you will get a sneak peek of the much anticipated Harry Potter "Half Blood Prince". A work of caution, if your cinematic hard on lasts longer than the duration of the film consult a physician.

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