The Dude Reviews: 'Paprika'

by thedude

From start to finish 'Paprika' is an incredible visual experience.  'Paprika' is animation at its finest, it explores every facet and perspective animated film has to offer effortlessly.  From the moment the title character, Paprika, exclaims “It’s the greatest show time!” prepare to have your mind blown for 90 minutes straight. 

The story revolves around Dr. Chiba as she attempts to recover a stolen device capable of delving into the dreams of others, even while they are awake.  No one is safe, as people around the good Dr. begin to have their minds shanghai’d and their dreams invaded by a nonsensical dream world parade of flute playing frogs and walking refrigerators which spills from dream to dream on its way to a place of no return. 

'Paprika' does an excellent job of representing the nonlinear perception of a dream state, anything and everything comes to life and the point of perspective can change at anytime. 'Paprika' hijacks your attention as it weaves in and out of the vibrant dreams of its characters, and refuses to release until its finale where it leaves you amazed and dumbfounded.

- The Dude
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