'Mirrors' Red Band Trailer!

by Joey Paur

So the movie 'Mirrors' went Red band this week. I wasn't to impressed with the first trailer, and I gotta say I'm not to impressed with this red band trailer, sure its got some blood and some creepy little visuals, but it it just to much like every other asian horror film remake. Its kinda silly when you think about it they got evil coming out of cell phones, eyes, TV's, video tapes, fax machines, computers, cameras, water, vacume cleaners, and now mirrors. I love horror movies! I love watching them! but it takes a lot for me to really get scared. I will go see this to get some laughs, but I just can't take it seriously as a horror film. I am sure the average movie goer that hasn't really seen what a good horror movie is will think its scary as hell. As long as they enjoy themselves that all that counts. 'Mirrors' Star good ol Keiffer Sutherland and was directed by Alexandre Aja. So if you want to see Amy Smart rip her jaw off watch the trailer below!

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