'The Mutant Chronicles' Teaser Trailer!

by Joey Paur

I really like the idea behind 'The Mutant Chronicles' when I first heard it was being made a long time ago. It really seems to be getting a slow start. There isn't much marketing behind it right now and so far it is only set to open up in Russia. I hope this movie gets a decent release here in the states. It seems like it is going to end up one of those films that all of a sudden we see as a DVD for sale. I truly hope this is not the fate of this movie. Thomas Jane is hosting a little teaser trailer for 'The Mutant Chronicles' on his website. I think it looks great! So you definitely need to check it out!

Thomas Jane also gave Ain't it Cool some pretty cool news! They are going to screen the film at Comic-Con! Saturday night at 10 PM in a 2,000 seat hall! AINC is going to give out tickets for the screening so for details on that make sure to check in with them! I would love to go see this movie while at Comic-Con! Director Simon Hunter, Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman will be attending the screening as well. 

This movie looks like a lot of hard work was put into it. I think it is going to be a really good movie and be a lot of fun. The designs and world they created look great! Make sure you check out the trailer. Click on the pic for a sneak peek at 'The Mutant Chronicles'!


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