Dr. Venkman Reviews: Marvel Animations 'Hulk Vs. Wolverine'!

by Joey Paur

I honestly don't think a lot of comic book and animation fans out there have any idea what is in store for them when they see Hulk Vs. Wolverine unleashed on the world. If your one of the lucky few you will get to see the full animated film up at Comic-Con this year! Hulk Vs. Wolverine was put together by the same creative team that brought us ‘The Invincible Iron Man' and ‘Dr. Strange'. Supervising Producer/Co-Writer Craig Kyle, Producer/Supervising Director Frank Paur, and Co-Writer Christopher Yost. Hulk Vs. Wolverine is a incredibly amazing animated film. The animation is top notch some of the best Marvel has done. The character designs are fun and unique. Wolverine and Hulk are both completely bad ass. The story is something not given away in the trailer at all. The only thing it tells you is that Hulk and Wolverine are going to duke it out, but there is so much more to the story than that. The story goes deeper. And anyone familiar with the comic book or a big fan of the series is going to love the hell out of this story. This is a film made by fans for the fans.

I just want to point out there are No Spoilers in this review.

The film starts out with Wolverine being sent into Alberta Canada to hunt down and find a monster wrecking havoc in a small community. While Wolverine is out in the forests of Canada looking for what may have caused the destruction he comes across a man in tattered clothing who seems pretty upset. Wolverine begins to ask him questions, and well you know how Wolverine gets and he ends up pissing the guy off. The man is Bruce Banner and we all know what happens when he gets angry. It is at this point the trailer you all saw begins with Wolverine bleeding and wondering what the hell happened. The Hulk then Jumps into view ready to kick the living crap out of Wolverine and this is where the battle begins!

The fight scene with these two comic book legends is flat out awesome! They don't hold back. Wolverine is slicing and dicing, and Hulk is smashing and breaking. The animation is fast and fluid. The motion and choreography is amazing! It is during this brilliantly brutal fight when something unexpected happens, the story takes a turn and moves into a whole new direction of greatness and geekdom. I don't want to give any more of the story away, you are going to have to wait and see it for yourself, but you are going to love it!

The story is solid and strong, and Frank Paur's film direction is amazing. I don't know if you saw ‘The Invincible Iron Man' or ‘Dr. Strange' but they are 2 great films he also directed. Every animated film he puts out ends up being better than the last. He is consistently putting together top quality animated films. Paur has an incredible imagination and he knows how to bring these bad ass stories to life. I did a little research on him and found that he has directed several of the ‘Batman: The Animated series' shows, he was the creative force behind Disney's ‘Gargoyles' and even won an Emmy Award for his work on HBO's Animated ‘Spawn' Series season 3. He also directed ‘Hulk Vs. Thor' Which will be realesed with ‘Hulk Vs. Wolverine' and he is currently supervising director on Marvel Animations upcoming ‘Planet Hulk' which is bound to be another Marvel masterpiece!

A lot of people think the animation is going to suck and that this is going to be a Saturday Morning type kids movie. I don't think so friends. The animation is brilliant. There is one scene that sticks out in my mind that just blew me right the freak away! you'll know it when you see it. As for this flick being for the kids... it is not. This is an adult themed movie just like the comic book was adult themed. They don't hold back on the violence and blood. Have you ever seen Wolverine slice off a limb with his blades, or Hulk tear the arms off of a person, outside of the comic books? You will.

Hulk Vs. wolverine will not disappoint. This animated film is going to give you everything you want to see when it comes to the Hulk Vs Wolverine story. If you are a fanboy or fangirl then this is a must watch movie. It doesn't come out until 2009 but it is well worth the wait, and you will you'll have to wait unless you are lucky enough to see it at Comic-Con this year!

-Dr. Venkman