Jamie Kennedy talks about that Scream 4 Rumor...

by Joey Paur

Is it a rumor? Somthing seems to be happening. Jamie Kennedy talked to if Magazine recently and here is what he had to say abou Scream 4:
"I actually had a conversation with somebody very big in the organization, and there's a way, I don't know what's going to happen, but they have plans for a lot of things. You can see new faces that you wouldn't expect and you can see old faces that you wouldn't believe. There's a way to bring a lot of things around."

So I assume they are going to resurrect his character some how and bring him back to life, you know, since he is dead.
When asked if director Wes Craven would be involved, Kennedy confirmed that it's "the only way they're going to do it."

Well that a step in the right direction if Craven does get involved maybe their is hope. I might see it if he is involved.
And what are the chances the project will actually go through? According to Kennedy, "Why wouldn't they" he says. "Great franchise. There hasn't been one in eight years, so it's due. It seems like it was just yesterday."

Well I guess Jamie would hope it all goes down seeing his movie career is in the tank right now and his scream character is the best character he has ever played. I seriously doubt they will get anyone else back unless the bring back everyone that has died in the previous movies. Maybe is could be a Zombie Scream 4 flick!

I'm still not sold on the film I just don't see how it can be brought back from the dead and still be good. I guess we will have to wait and see how this mystery unfolds. Click on the pic above to read the article yourself!

Venkman out!


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