Dr. Venkman Rants: Will 'The Dark Knight' Revolutionize Hollywood?

by Joey Paur
Simple answer... no. Why would it? How can it when Hollywood wont allow change in the system that it has been built up to be? There are a lot of people out there saying that it will though. That 'The Dark Knight' will revolutionize Hollywood. But I say it wont. There is one website I go to where the guy Alex is so hell bent on it that when he brings up 'The Dark Knight' it is followed by revolutionize Hollywood. Every time I read a Dark Knight Article of his he brought it up. After today I was fed up with it. I left a short little rant on his site and thought I would expand on that here. Here is what he recently said:
The Dark Knight is not only an awesome film, but it's on its way to revolutionizing Hollywood and potentially going down in history next year at the Oscars.

It is like one word to him. Now the guy Alex that runs this website seems like a nice guy, a hard worker and successful at what he does, but he obviously has no clue how Hollywood works. He can deliver all the news he wants about it, but it still doesn't mean he knows what he's talking about. I respect the guy but he need to put a bit more thought into some of the things he says. But he is entitled to say what ever he wants. I am also entitled to my opinion and here it is. I want to point out this is not an attack on this person. Hell the guy gave me something to rant about!

For example Digital filmmaking, it looks great, its cheap to produce, it saves time, it could revolutionize Hollywood! But guess what? Hollywood still has not embraced it ,and it has been around since the Lucas' 'Young Indiana Jones' series! It is finally starting to catch on, but it is still a long way before it becomes the standard, that's if it even ever will become the standard in filmmaking!

What are some obvious things that revolutionized Hollywood? Sound. And they thought that was going to flop. Black and White to Color, 70mm film, and 3D. How in the hell does 'The Dark Knight' revolutionize Hollywood? IMAX? Why? Its been around forever. Hollywood still hasn't embraced Digital Cinema which is cheaper to producer, now they are going to spend more money to make IMAX films? Not if the accountants have anything to say about it. Or has Christopher Nolan revolutionized story telling? The person I am referring to has said the 'The Dark Knight' is the first movie he has seen where he actually cared about the story more than the action! This is how clueless he is. Story is key to any great film! It always has been, he is discovering this now? Or is it because of the superhero Comic Book genre? I think superhero movies are moving in a better direction as well thanks to 'Iron Man', 'Hulk', and The Dark Knight' and I think there are more and better ones to come! But is this all thanks to 'The Dark Knight'?

Don't get me wrong I loved 'The Dark Knight'! The film was a brilliant masterpiece! One that needs to be studied in film schools. I would love to see it win Best Picture at the Oscars next year! But, its sad to say its not going to change a damn thing in Hollywood! Even if it does win Best Picture. Sure! it will be the first superhero movie to win one, but what will that do? What this web guy doesn't know is that Hollywood is not run by Filmmakers. It is run by accountants and Ivy league school graduates that never even watched movies growing up. That is today's Hollywood. Once in a while a great filmmaker like Nolan will come along and push these people to make a great movie even though they do it reluctantly. The filmmakers have push so hard to make it happen and get what they want for the film. In the end they don't have the final say.

Look at the film 'Lord of the Rings' that was filmmaking at its best and did it change anything? What did Hollywood do after it was made? They made a bunch of crappy fantasy films trying to capitalize of the success of LOTR. Hollywood didn't start making better movies! They got worse!

Do you really think movies are going to be better now that a fantastic movie came out? No. Hollywood is still going to put out crappy movies. They will still continue to make bad superhero and comic book movies. Nothing is going to change.

Hollywood has been set in their ways for years and they aren't going to change a damn thing because of one successful superhero movie. maybe DC and Warner Bros. will wise up, but that's about it. This is how Hollywood thinks. If Bale and Nolan were to refuse to do a 3rd Batman the WB will go out and make one anyway, and it will be crap. Is that your revolutionized Hollywood? Do you honestly think Warner Bros. will leave well enough alone? Seriously what do you think? Is 'The Dark Knight going to revolutionize Hollywood? If so how? I want to know. Because as much as this Alex thinks he knows he doesn't. 

-Dr. Venkman


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