Comic-Con is crazy!

by Joey Paur
Good lord this place is crazy! Have you ever seen a line a mile long? I just have. I had to stand in the damn thing to! But we made it into the glorious Hall H and we got decent seats so we are good to go! Today we got The Day the Earth Stood Still, Summit Panel with Twilight, Knowing, and Push. Then we get to see Death Race Footage, after that we get to watch the amazingly cool Hulk Vs Wolverine and holy crap! The the background black matt just fell down! The whole damn thing! Everyone was screaming and going crazy! Wow! Look at that action! but yeah we are excited to see Hulk Vs Wolverine again! After that Dark Castle is doing it's thing!

I love how they treat us Geeks like cattle. They are very sneaky. I got sent on a wild goose chase trying to get in the exhibition hall this morning. But we are having a great time soaks sure to check back for updates!

Venkman Out!

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