'Hulk Vs. Wolverine' Animated Movie SPOILERS!

by Joey Paur

Now that ‘Hulk Vs. Wolverine' has been shown at Comic-Con! Which, was once again totally awesome! To bad if you missed it... it was one hell of a show. Guess you have to go out and buy it. Here are a few spoilers if you want to know what goes down in the movie other than Hulk and Wolverine beating the shit out of each other! From where my last review left off. Right in the middle of the Hulk, Wolverine fight all of a sudden the story turns onto a different road that was not expected at all! I am surprised Marvel was able to keep the lid on the full story for so long!

There are tranquilizer darts that come shooting out of the forest hitting both Wolverine and Hulk, putting them to sleep. As Wolverine is fading away into sleep, right before his eyes close we get a glimpse of the ultimate badass... Deadpool waving at him saying "I shot you" in his smart ass tone. That's right my friends Deadpool has been brought to life for the first time on film, and he is an annoying wise ass of greatness! he steals the show eveytime he was on screen.

The film then goes into a back story of the origin of Wolverine and Weapon X. We get to see what Wolverine had to go through to become what he became, and it just looks painful and terrifying. There is one scene where they got wolverine in this water tank and they start to inject his body with the liquid metal. As his body reacts to this spikes start ripping out of his flesh and blood begins to mix with the water. the scene is pretty freaky. It goes into much more detail than the X-Men movies ever did.

Wolverine wakes up in his old Weapons X Facility stomping grounds. While he is here he meets up with some of his old friends that include Deadpool, Omega Red, Lady Death Strike and Sabertooth. Obviously Wolverine is pissed off and fights his way out of the facility killing a few people along the way. There is a ton of ass kicking durring this part of the movie. Hell! The whole movie is full of ass kicking and carnage!

There is one scene as Wolverine is trying to escape and he is met with a hallway full of guards. The scene is amazing as he maneuvers his way through the military security, slicing them up, and blood spraying as he moves through them.

There is another scene where Wolverine needs Bruce Banner to turn into the hulk so he can help him out. Problem is Bruce has drugs in his body keeping him from changing into the green beast. Wolverine understands that when Bruce gets mad he turns into the Hulk, so what does Wolverine do to get The Hulk out of Bruce? He takes his claws and shoves them into Banners gut! That got the blood going! Wolverine makes a comedic remark about Banner crying like a baby. He just gut a got full of Wolverine claws what do you excpect? As he sits there bleeding out the blood starts pumping and Hulk blows up!

Once Hulk is out the battle gets more crazy! The fight scenes and action in this movie are amazing! It is brutal and violent. Wolverine Slices off Deadpools arm in 3 pieces! One of the funniest parts of the film was watching Dead Pool try to put his arm back together. Hulk utterly rips the arms off of Lady Death Strike! It's fan-tastic!

It is awesome to see this all come together. The story is strong and it is mixed with a great amount of humor, drama, action, and violence. Any fan of the Wolverine, Hulk, the Mutant X story, and these characters is going to love this amazing animated Marvel movie! You really couldn't ask for anything more. Its great. The movie end with Hulk and Wolverine jumping in the air at each other ready to finish what they started.

-Dr. Venkman