Max Payne Comic-Con Panel

by Joey Paur
So Max Payne is going to be very hard core and kick ass! There is a bathroom film clip they showed the hardcoreness of the movie! This is going to be a great adaptation from video game to movie. Mark Wahlberg is a very funny and cool guy. It's seems like he would be fun to work with. He says this is one of his favorite roles he has played in a movie. It's fun to listen to these guys talk about the film, everyone has got great personality and it looks like it will show in this new Max Payne flick.

Here comes the clip...

Awesome! You are on for. Lovely bloody violent treat for the movie! It is going to be crazy action packed! And Wolverine just showed up to say they just finished film the movie and to thank the geeks for the support we give to get the movie made, pretty cool!

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