The Day the Earth Stood Still Comic Con Panel!

by Joey Paur
The Day the Earth Stood Still Interigation scene was amazing! I didn't expect that, bit it was very cool to see Keanu Reeves shock the interigation guy and the screw up peoples brains as he walks out of the government holding facility. So far it looks like this movie is going to be really good.

There is going to be a great relationship between Klaatu and the young boy like in on the original. Jennifer Connely says that it is the heart of the film.

Gort is in the film and will be updated for a modern audience. If you saw those new posters Gort is huge! He could eat earth if he wanted!

Here comes the big film clip...

So far just the trailer that is out... Wow! Holy crap! Holy Shit this is gpoing to be awesome! The film look great and has a amazing feel to it. You will love this moving!

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