Tron 2 film footage!

by Joey Paur
Holy hell in a hand basket! I just saw the most amaIng film footage so far from Disneys Tron 2! The movie looks absolutly fantastic! I was blown away the look is amazing! The footage was a light cycle race scene between a blue opponent and green opponent. The cycles have the classic look but a 21st century upgrade. It looks like the film was done in cgi motion capture. They were racing through this crazy digital canyon, and some crazy winy roads in the digital world. As they are racing the Blue light cycle and drivers color lights go of and it turns into a black cycle that also is silent now. It went rogue as the Blue light cycle raced throught the canyon this black on was racing on top of it humping from one side of the canyon to another! It them races its way and jumps right in front of the blue light cycle! As the black cycle hits the ground the green color lights blaze back on and take out the blue cycle! The movie has even got Jeff Bridges in it, and guess what? It looks be plays a villian! How do I know? Because he killed his opponent at the end of the bad ass race with his light disc! I know! It's crazy but I can't wait to see this movie! We won't see anymore footage from it for another year! Of was quite a treat, I wish you could have seen it! It was freakin glorious!

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