Twilight movie Panel gets way to Crazy!

by Joey Paur
I have never heard so many girls go bat shit over a movie before! They are a crazy big posse. I would be destroyed if I talked trash about Twilight around them. This Twilight movie is going to be huge! Weather it's good or not is another story. It will make ridiculous amount of money regardless.

My ears are bleeding from the screaming girls of death. This is just nuts! The girls sitting around me are crying! There are tears! I'm shocked.

Here comes the film clip..

The girls love the bad boy. So far the acting sucks. TV special effects. The girls like Edward more! It is pretty violent though. The girls around me are more violent.

The actress Christin Stewart admitted she never heard of the book before the movie. Yeah she got boooed. I don't think she knew what she was saying she made no sense!

The guy that plays Edward could lay a massive fart right now and the girls would love him for it! I have never seen such insanity among female geeks. I seems none of actors no what to say when anwering questions. They just say they love vampires and and the crowd goes nuts. I had no idea Twilight would be this big! It's been a non stop scream fest.

I honestly think the actor that plays Edward is high.