Comic-Con Day 2: We Forgot some Stuff damnit!

by Joey Paur
Venkman here and its been a long Thursday at Comic-Con! We also got back tonight and found we couldn't find certain cord for certain cameras to download our Comic-Con Panel photos for you. We apologize for that but we will get up what we can for you. As you know I have been keeping you updated as fast as a could on everything that has been going down today. I have to say the coolest thing I saw today was the Movie Clip for Tron 2! It was amazing! The craziest thing I saw was those crazy Twilight fans. it was like the Beatles were all alive and well and bring the band back together! The thing about the Twilight cast is Root Mazer said it just seemed like they didn't understand they are part of something huge! But, the screaming was insane! Marvel Animations 'Hulk Vs. Wolverine' went over very well with the fans! It was a great day though and we had tons of fun. I did snap off a few photos with my iPhone though so you can check out those pics below.


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