Comic-Con What do we do Now update

by Joey Paur
We are currently at the Marvel quadrant waiting for our fellow geeks to pick up their free Geek Tyrant T-shirt. We tried to hit up the Ghostbusters video game panel and that got cancelled! So we are kind of bummed out. I really wanted to see. Dan Akroyed and Harold Ramis talk about the new game coming out! So I hit up a fun little panel for On The Bubble a pretty funny little web show, but the guys that put together this little web show were really funny live. The show seems very funny so check it out! Then we went to Sci Fi channel Ghost Hunters Panel and the 2 guys we wanted to see, Jay and Grant didn't even show up! So that was a bust! They ended up having Rob do it and, well, he just isn't that interesting so we took off.

So here we are handing out t-shirts and having a great time but a little disapponted as well. That's life!

Dr. Venkman

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