Watchmen: Comic-Con Panel

by Joey Paur
Zack Snyder is going to make the best adaptation for Watchman that could be made. Watchmen is going to be an amazing film. Dave gibbons just reveled that he has put his signature on the film with a G in the graffiti in the back ground on the film.

Here comes the film clips..

That Watchmen footage was increaible! The detail is so vivid and amazing! It was more of a rated R red band trailer. The special effects were much more complete. The transformation into Dr. Manhatten is awesome! It actually showed the flesh blood and bone. The Vietnam scene from the trailer was extended and when the people were being blown up there was more flesh blood and bone exploding! We also got to see some new scenes from the film that look insanely amazing! I am shocked that some fans of the comic don't get behind this film because it is going to be everything it can be, and it's going to be great!

Rorschach looked amazing! I love the mask and and the detail they put into it. We got a good long look at it as he went through Comedians apartment. They didn't miss anything everything was there in that scene.

We also got to see a great little scene of Nite Owl going in for a lip lock with Silk Spectre. As there lips touch a gigantic explosion from a war head goes off forming a spectacular mushroom cloud in the background as they kiss.

There were a could back flash Comedian scenes as he and the original Silk Spectre share a little moment as their eyes meet Comedian lets loose a crazy creepy smile.

The film clip end with Comedian being shoved out the window like in the preview but it last a bit longer. We don't see Comedian hit the ground because it is covered up by the famous smiley face as it flys out the window.

The film clip looked amazing and the fans ate it up! This movie is going to be amazing!

They obviously had to cut some stuff out of the comic for the movie because of time restraint, but Zack says it will still have the same feel and carry the same spirit.

It seems everyone had such an amazing experience making this movie. They really seem like they get it, and understand what they are involved with, and the characters they play.

They are showing the clip again

Wow I couldn't be more excited for this flick! They even show Richard Nixon in the clip! You are going to love this movie.

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