Comic-Con Day 3: We Think we're Loosing our Minds!

by Joey Paur
Look, I don’t know if you have noticed but I think our posts have been a little funky. We are trying so hard to keep the site fresh and alive for you guys! I hope we are doing a good job. I just want to remind you that I am making all of posts during the day from my iPhone so they are a bit messy but it does the job.

I don’t know what is going on but our heads are spinning! We have seen so much cool stuff, so many crazy things, tons of stuff I don’t even know what to say about it, but it will probably give me nightmares. We think our brains may be melting from information overload.

As you know we didn’t get to see the Ghostbusters Video Game panel which sucked ass, and Jay and grant from Ghost Hunters didn’t show up for their panel so it kind of through that time slot off for us. R.P. McMurphy was so upset that he went into a rage picked up a woman Klingon sitting next to him, throwing her head right into the wall, smashing her face into it, leaving a Klingon make-up face stain pasted on the wall. Root Mazer and I just took off running! We looked behind us just in time to see R.P. McMurphy close line two girls wearing Twilight shirts as he ran through the hallway. It was a site to see. We found out later everyone was ok so no one was really hurt just scared to death.

We have another full day ahead of us. I can’t believe we have 2 more days left! I am afraid of what we might become by the end of this trip. Tomorrow we got ‘Heroes’, ‘Lost’, ‘Terminator Salvation’, the Universal panel, and the Sony panel, so its gonna be insane! We can’t wait to see what we see. Remember to check back because we will keep you updated on awesome stuff as much as I can.

Check out our photos below of Costumed people and the Watchmen panel and other crazy stuff.

By the way Root Mazer looks like he’s dead.

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