Lost Comic-Con Panel

by Joey Paur
The Dahrma Initiative came out to show and promte their recruiting process. It was pretty silly but fun.

It was revealed Jin and Lock will be back in the the season. They say the 17 episodes will show back to back with no breaks.)

2 more seasons 17 hours each before the show ends.

This next season 5 we will see Daniel Russos story.

They admit to ripping off stories.

No information was revealed on the Jack Kate Swayer love triangle.

Kate will see Swayer again.

Season 5 timeline is going to be confusing. It sounds like they will let the audience figure it out.

Some crazy kid just came out yelling and screaming do or die! We then got shown some crazy video with Asian doctor guy who's name I can't remember talking about

Being dead, 30 years, a pin hole is open, and we need to change the future and the past to save them.

It was confusing as hell but fun to see just like the show!

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