Terminator Salvation Comic-Con panel

by Joey Paur
McG is trying to use his manly raspy voice so he can sound cool. He is going to address the movie.

Regarding the rating if the movie will be rated R then it will be rated R but the story comes first he says. This is very good news! He just called Christian Bale to pump us up. If he even really called him.

Ok so they just showed us a new Terminator film clip. It looks a lot like road warrior stuff with some robots and there is a lot more going on. The story looks like it could be very good. It looks like it will be really fun and intense. It sounds like it is a different future than what Sarah told John about. How do I know that? Because they say it in the film clip. Everyone looks great the style is ok, but it looks like it will be action packed and fun. The last scene of the film clip has a Terminator on top of him and John yells at it "you son of a bitch!" then terminator claws at his face. The future just looks hellish. Hopefully the movie isn't.;

McG hinted to the fact Arnold may end up in the movie. We will just have to wait and see like he said. McG really knows how to talk to the crowd and get everyone pumped up, he has a lot of personality and it is probably why he is becoming so successful.

This movie is really growing on me. I think it may actually very good.

Common says it's gonna by fly.

They will now play the trailer again. Comic
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