Comic-Con Day 4: Today was Balls Out Crowded!

by Joey Paur
Good Grief. I couldn't believe how crowded it was today! We started the day off in the Line to get in to Hall H for Heroes and I shit you not the line was almost 3 miles long! But ya know what? We still ended up getting in because Hall h is freakin huge! Just so you know for next year if you are at the end of a 3 mile long line you will still get in.

R.P. McMurphy left us last night because he just couldn't handle the madness, and he was being looked for by the cops. Replacing him was our good buddy and new contributer to our site The Dude who had a great time today.

We saw some pretty amazing stuff today That Heroes Season 3 premier was incredible! I can't wait for all you fans to see what we got to see it will blow you away! Terminator Salvation is looking pretty amazing. McG is really selling himself. The guy knows how to work the crowd and after today I have to say a like him more and I think he is going to put together a great film. I know its strange for you to hear that from me because I bashed him hard on this whole thing from the beginning. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, but if he fraks this up he is back on my shit list. Pineapple express was by far the best Panel I saw at Comic-Con it was incredibly funny! I can't wait to see that movie! We got to see tons of film clips from several different movies and it was a blast!

Tomorrow is our last day and we are heading back home early. We got a lot to prep for next week by relaxing a bit, plus I miss my wife and kids so it will be nice to see them. My brain is a little wacky from this trip and I feel a little wacky, but I'll be fine. We have all been having a blast! I can only take this for so long.

Not sure what we will get up on here tomorrow but stay tuned. If you have been following our posts we just want to thank you. We've put a lot of hard work and sacrifice into this trip for all of you, and we hope you enjoyed getting the updates. Enjoy the Photos we got for ya!


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