Comic-Con was a Blast! Thanks to Everyone we met and we Hope you like the t-shirts

by Joey Paur
Well Comic-Con is over for us. We had a crazy, amazing, fun, and tiring time. I was so sleepy driving home from the Con I could barley keep my eyes open! I think I drove asleep a couple of times. Luckily we made it home OK. In the end we had a great time, and we were able to meet lots of great people! Thanks to all those who took one of our t-shirts. Spread the word if you like what you see! We have some pretty big plans for Geek Tyrant in the future so stick around and be a part of it! I also just would like to point out once again that all of the posts I made at the Comic-Con panels were done on my iPhone so the spelling and grammar is kind of crazy. I don't want to change it though because it was all part of my experience. I was really trying to stay on top of everything. I hope all of you had just as much fun as we did at Comic-Con! After today we are going to get back to our crazy rants and entertainment news. Thanks again to everyone we met you all seem to be totally awesome people! Keep in touch! You can always leave Rant Backs on our posts!

Here are our last set of pics from our last day on the exhibition floor! Enjoy! 


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