Pineapple Experss Comic-Con Panel

by Joey Paur
It looks like we are going to get to see 10 min. of the movie Pinapple Express so that sounds cool. And Seth Rogan and James Franco just showed up! And they are being funny as hell!

We just saw a clip where James and Seth smoke a tri tip joint. The joint is one big fatty with two joints sticking out of the sides of the big joint.

We got to see another clip with a great funny ass little fight seen! James Franco is going to be amazing In this film. He is going to be the ultimate stoner film character. Heads get smashed into a wall and a bong get smashed across someones head!

We just saw a great film clip of the full car chase scene that was in the preview and it was pretty freakin amazing! This movie is going to be hilarious! This is going to be the funniest movie of the year.

Seth Rogan is amazing with this crowd he is so freakin funny. This is one of the best and most entertaining panels of Comic-Con.

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