The Dude reviews "X Files".... reluctantly

by thedude

In my minds eye I can see the process of how this film was written. A bunch of mid thirties X-files type geeks turned screenwriters wrote a few one liners of what they have always wanted to see in an X files episode, threw it in a hat, gave it a bit of a mixeroo and presto. The script of the new film.

I like to think the storyboarding went a little something like this; Freaky psychic hillbilly…….weird shit, weird shit, weird shit….. Evil Rissian scientists…… weird shit, weird shit, weird shit……Living head floating in life giving gelatinous substance…..more weird shit….. Moulder and Scully kiss….. Ending. For the life of me I cannot remember exactly what that ending was. Coincidence? I think not.

One refreshing nuance that I will hand to X files, Amanda Peet does not play a whore. About time too, most of America could probably draw her boobies from memory on an Etch a Scetch.

Thats it, the three paragraphs I have already afforded this steaming file of poop pay it far too much attention. It will get no more.

In Summary: 

If you are a hard core X Files fan, see the movie. You have been carefuly conditioned to the weird from the beginning and now need a stronger dose of stupid to keep your weathered sense of reality on cloud nine where it belongs. As for me and my house, we will serve that which doesn’t suck.

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