Ridley Scott's 'Nottingham' delayed

by thedude
Ridley Scott's upcoming epic revisitation of the classic 'Robin Hood' story, originally set for production next month, ran in to some delays. My life long dream of seeing the sherrif of Nottingham (Russel Crowe), finally as a sympathetic character,  beat the shit out of punk ass Robin Hood (all this according to me) will have to wait just a little bit longer. Damnit!

Delays of the film arise from the "cloud of the SAG strike" threatening impending doom on Hollywood and my digitally centered faux social life. I shall from here on out call it my fauxcial life (ba-dum-chhhh....... ok that was my attempt to give myself the classic punch line drum beat. It sounded cool in my head). SAG drama isnt the only thing holding the film back, according to one of the film's producers,"the forrest locations need to be green". No shit. Gold star to whoever figured out that leaves turn brown in the fall. Further adding to the delay madness, "The current version of the screenplay," the studio said, "is not yet where the studio and the filmmakers want it to be in terms of realizing the full value of the story". So the script bites at this point. No big deal. I have faith that this will not suck. It can't dammit!!!!

Take comfort friends, all is not lost. Patience will be rewarded, in this case with a very, VERY hot Maid Marian. So in conclusion tonight I will leave you all with some eye candy of the next Maid Marian, Sienna MIller. If nothing else it will be a trip away from the muscle, rubber, and fire power that are the norm for picture posts on Geektyrant.

Bask!! Bask I say!!! Well worth the November 2009 wait.

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