Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Sex Drive'

by Joey Paur

While up in San Diego we were walking down 5th street and passed by the Pacific Theaters there. They had a poster out front for a movie called ‘Sex Drive'. I had avoided the post cards for this being handed out because I just couldn't get past the bad title that sounds like it could be some kind of porno film. As we passed the poster I saw 2 names that sparked my interest Seth Green and James Marsden, yes the guy that played Cyclops in the X-Men films. It was about 10:30 and we were looking to cause some shenanigans, but this movie would have to do. Usually the free movies I get to see at Comic-Con like this are crazy whacked out strange films that hurt my brain. But this one was different. I really liked the damn thing!Sex Drive was a great teenage high school coming of age comedy about... well, Sex Drive.


Its starts off with the main Character Ian (Josh Zuckerman) Chatting online with a chick he has never met before. They are flirting, he has a fake picture and profile, and he is trying to be player even though we know he is anything but. Ian is a virgin and he wants to get laid. Lance (Clark Duke) is Ian's best friend I love this characters and he is fun to watch in every scene. The guy has been around but you wouldn't think it. This guy gets the girls even though he really isn't that gook looking, but he has that crazy strong confidence that girls like. He can be kind of a dick to. Felicia (Amanda Crew) is both Ian and Lances other hot girl best friend. Ian is that best friend that is in love with his girl best friend, but nothing has been done about because he doesn't want to ruin the friendship. Lance knows Ian is in love with here and he feels she is the reason Ian is still a virgin. As Lance puts it she is a cock blocker. Rex (James Marsden) is Ian's older brother and one of the best parts of the film. He steals every scene he is in because Rex is the funny older asshole brother who will stop at nothing to make Ian's life a living hell. It get to the point where Ms. Tasty (the web girl) tells Ian if he comes up to meet her she will give it up for him. So Ian, Lance and Felicia set on a road trip from Chicago to Knoxville to meet up with her so Ian can de-virginize himself. Of course Felicia thinks they are going to visit a sick grandma. She ended up on the trip by accident at the last minute. It is during this trip that they have their great adventure! The road trip makes up the bulk of the movie, and everything that happens along the way is awesomely funny. I don't want to ruin the movie for many of you so I wont go into detail about what goes down. I will say that Seth Green plays an Amish man named Ezikial, it's not a huge role, but it is a great cameo!



The acting was pretty solid. It's not the best acting ever, but it does the job for what the movie is. Everyone is the film does a fine job. James Mardsen is fantastic in this movie though! He does have the best role and he plays a character you have never seen him do before and I loved it. Mardsen is so freakin funny in this movie. I really hope he does some more comedy. His character reminded me of Bill Paxton's asshole older brother character in ‘Weird Science'. It really looked like everyone involved just has such a good time making this movie.



The film was directed by Sean Anders. He was at the screening and he introduced the film. The direction in the movie was good. I though he did a great job. He also seems like a really nice guy.
The strongest parts of the movie were the characters and story. I thought they were great. I think the movie has the potential to be a classic teen comedy. As much as I liked the movie ‘Superbad' I have to say that I liked ‘Sex Drive' more. The story wasn't pointless it went somewhere, and it had meaning to it. There was a nice little message in all the craziness that the movie brings forward.

I had a blast watching this movie! It delivers a great time! When and if this movie gets released if you like these types of films make sure you go check it out. You won't be disappointed. Like me you will be pleasantly surprised.

-Dr. Venkman

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