New Pineapple Express Red-Band Film Clip and Comic-Con Panel

by Joey Paur
Venkman here with a link that will send you over to a Pineapple Express Red Band film Clip being hosted by movie phone. The clip is almost the exact same clip that was shown at Comic-Con this last weekend, there are a few different things going on but it is basically the same. This is one of the intense action packed fight scenes in the movie! A couple of stoners freaking out and beating the living shit out of each other! Good times. So if you missed the clip at Comic-con or you want to watch the madness again click on the pic below! Peace out! One of the best parts of this clip is when James Franco is jumping up and down in the bath tub trying to break the phone that was just pulled out of toilet pee water. Watch it!

And in case you missed it here is the Pinapple Express Comic-Con Panel which was one of the Funnest Panels at Comic-Con. These guys are funny! Check it out below! Its great!

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