Hellboy meets up with the Ghost Hunters!

by Joey Paur
Venkman here and I can't wait to see Hellboy II. Our own Mazer went and saw it the other night and loved it so rock on! I also love how movies are being marketed these days it is really fun and entertaining. Well, they matched up Hellboy to meet up with Jay and Grant from the Sci-Fi series 'Ghost Hunters' which is one of my favorite shows on TV so this little Hellboy II marketing bit was especially fun for me. If you don't watch Ghost hunters you should! It's good ol fashion Ghost Hunting fun! It plays for 5 hours strait on the Sci-Fi channel every Wednesday night. Hellboy meets up with boys from TAPS, who would a thought! Thank you to CHUD for pointing this out! Enjoy the clip!

I also just wanted to point this little video clip out to you as well. It hit the net a couple days ago. It is Hellboy on the TV Show 'Inside the Actors Studio'. This is also very funny.

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