'The Day the Earth Stood Still' Trailer!!

by Joey Paur

Now you can watch it in that amazing invention called Quicktime! By Clicking right here!

Venkman here and Holy crap! I didn't expect to see this anytime soon but here it is! The first teaser trailer for 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'! I guess it popped up with the movie 'Hancock', which I have not seen yet. I hated that they decided to remake this classic movie but after watching the preview it looks pretty good, and it left me with a little excitment. It looks like they are taking it in another direction from what the original was. It is definitely a modern day reimagining. I am a bit more open minded now. Keanu Reeves is very Keanu in this preview, but the special effects look great. Its not a bad teaser trailer so check it out! Thanks to filmweb.pl. if it isn't popping up below CLICK HERE. Hopefully that works.

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