Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'The X-Files: I want to Believe' in pedophiles?

by Joey Paur


I really wanted to believe! I really did. But They just couldn't convince me. I grew up watching the ‘The X-Files' it was such an amazing show, one where it's episodes will stand the test of time, just like ‘The Twilight Zone'. But Chris Carters 'The X-Files: I Want to Believe' movie was in no way shape or form better than or as good as any of the X-Files episodes. This was a sub par film, with a sub par story.

The movie was pretty much based on where Mulder and Scullys relationship is right now. It was a chance for the fans of the show to catch up with them "Hey how are you doing? What are you up to these days? Is the relationship going well? Still doin that huh?" Other than that I don't know why the movie was made. I am shocked FOX actually went through with it. If there was any thoughts on bringing the X-Files back and turning it into a film franchise, that opportunity was flushed down the toilet.

I really wanted this movie to be good. I was hoping for something amazing something to bring the characters to life again and breathe air into a new wave of X-Files films. That is what I wanted! Instead I got a boring ass movie that I could not wait to for to end, so I could leave and go to sleep. I was really let down. I expected something more, something better. Instead I got a show about Russians performing head transplants on pedophiles, and an Ex-Catholic Priest pedophile who can see visions and cry blood.

It was almost like they were trying to tell us that not all Catholic Priest pedophiles were bad. The Title of the damn movie revolved around it! "I Want to Believe" was about Scully struggling if she would Believe in this Catholic Priest pedophiles power to have visions and that these visions were a way to save himself! Good Lord! The movie was just awful! What the hell was Chris Carter thinking!? Does he have a Catholic Priest pedophile friend? It was like he was defending this character. What the hell?!

There were so many different ways a new X-Files movie could have been made and they pick a story out from the bottom of the barrel. X-Files could have been huge again instead they kill it off. If they couldn't top what they had done they should have left well enough alone. I will be shocked if they do another X-Files film.

The movie was bad. If you have not seen it stay away. Save your money, hell, go and see ‘The Dark Knight' again for the 5 or 6 time! I wouldn't even bother renting it. X-Files: I Want to Believe' in pedophiles is really just a waste of your time, and a piece of shit.

-Dr. Venkman


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