Check out the 'What Just Happened' Trailer

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with the new trailer for a little film called 'What Just Happened'. This is a movie I have been waiting to see! I love movies about Hollywood and that crazy whacked out world that it is. Some of my Fav movies include 'Swimming With Sharks', 'The Player', 'Get Shorty', Overnight' and 'The Kid Stays in the Picture'. This movie is sure to be a instant classic.

The movie was directed by Barry Levinson and stars Robert De Niro, Catherine Keener, Michael Wincott, Kristen Stewart, Bruce Willis, and John Turturro. The movie is based on the memoir by vetran Hollywood producer Art Linson, who also wrote the screenplay. The movie is pretty much based on a true story. The movie is about:
Two nail-biting, back-stabbing, roller-coaster weeks in the world of a middle-aged Hollywood producer -- as he tries to juggle an actual life with an outrageous series of crises in his day job.

The comedy hits theaters October 3rd. Check out the Preview!