Sam Raimi and Disney Team Up?

by Billy Fisher

I know, what the crap?  The master of The Evil Dead and The Happiest Movie Company on Earth have teamed up to do an upcoming project.  This news coming to us via The Hollywood Reporter.

The film that Disney has the director of Spiderman working on is called The Transplants.  There isn't much information known about the project, but I will give you what I can find.  Apparently, all parties involved in the project are keeping this under lock and key.  They explain the film as:
The parties are keeping a tight lid on the high-concept project, though it is described as a four-quadrant ensemble superhero story with a comedic bent.

I just like the fact that they use the word quadrant.  The creators of this idea are Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson.  These gentlemen are best known for Not Another Teen Movie.  They were originally going to turn this into a comic-book and then try to pitch it to movies studios.  However, Disney exec Kristin Burr caught wind of the project and immediately jumped on it.  It is rumored that the deal made for this film is in the mid-to high- six figure range.  That must be nice.

There are so many questions that popped into my head when I read about this.  Is Raimi going to stay true to his style and make it live action?  What kind of restrictions will Disney put on Raimi?  I just want to know more about this.  I hate it when they keep us out of the loop.  

I do have to give Disney credit.  They are trying to change their image.  They are hiring names like Tim Burton, Bruce Willis, and now Sam Raimi.  These are names that get the geek blood in our veins boiling.  I am glad that someone there is trying to keep up with us.  As more info comes out I will post it.  Until then, let me know what you think.

McMurphy Out!


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