The Rat moves into Paramounts Nest

by Joey Paur

I hate any knid of news involving Brett Ratner but it lights a flame under my ass and gives me something to rant about. As most of you know by now it is my opinion that The Rat has turned into Hollywoods bitch. I thought he was on his way to a promising directing career after I saw Rush Hour then came parts 2 and 3. Oh yeah! Then there was the unforgivable sin of killing off the X-Men series. Sure they are coming out with some more X-Men movies, but the guy raped a movie that should have been fantistic!

Well Paramount Pictures must like all of the crap he has made so much that they are taking him under their wing. I have a soft spot for Paramount Pictures because I have a past there. But damn after snubbing the fans at Comic-Con and then allowing The Rat into their Kitchen just confuses the hell out of me! Here is what the Rat has to say:
"I thought I'd stay at New Line for the rest of my life, but when Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne left, it was time to make a change," Ratner told Daily Variety.

Ratner emphasized that he "will not be pitching art films. I want to make mainstream tentpole projects," he said. "I was also encouraged by Bob Evans to come to his home studio, and our goal is to team up on a project or two at Paramount."

Maybe he should give art films a try he might be good at making those kinds of films, because we all know he can't make a good mainstream tentpole movie. So What does The Rat have planned?
"Beverly Hills Cop 4" is being written by "Wanted" scribed Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, from a take that has been approved by Murphy, the studio, Ratner and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. They hope to begin production next year for a 2010 release.

I like who they got to write the movie. It should be a fun script. Maybe The Rat may be able to pull this off because he did do 'Rush Hour' so... He has that going for him.
As producers, Ratner and Stern are teamed with producer Alexandra Milchan on "Harbinger," an adaptation of the Jim Shooter-created comic series published by Valiant Comics.

Ratner said after directing "X-Men: The Last Stand," he was eager to build a superhero franchise from the ground up. The studio will set a writer shortly.

Let me rephrase that I think the above was a misprint. Here is what was really said:
Ratner said after destroying 'X-Men: The Last Stand,' he was eager to flush another superhero franchise down the toilet. The stuido will set writer shortly.

Well he's paramounts problem now. They may need to set some Rat traps up around the studio Lot in case he starts getting into everyones food. If things really start getting out of control they can always call in an exterminator. They would have been much better off sticking with Tom Cruise.

Venkman Out!

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