Tron 2: Exclusives Behind the Teaser Trailer Shown at Comic-Con

by Billy Fisher

One of the best moments of Comic-Con 2008 for me was the 3 min. teaser trailer for Tron 2.  Tron has been one of my favorite films all of my life.  Every time I watched the film, I would secretly pray for a second one.  Well fellow surfers, our prayers have been answered.  I know there are those of you out there that are wondering who is involved and what can we expect.  Bringing you this information is what I was born to do.  So here is some information that was released in a blog by Jim Hill.  If you want to read the whole blog then CLICK HERE.  Otherwise I have some of the basic information that will interest you.

The power behind this film is John Lasseter, he is none other than the Chief Creative Office of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation.  Talk about support.  Tron's original director and co-writer Steve Lisberger will get co-producer credit.  However, none of the material from his script(which he spent five years writing) will be used in the movie.  So who did they hire in his place?  Disney hired Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, two writers from the TV series Lost.  Since Lisberger is out, who is in to take his place?  That will be one Joseph Kosinski.  A lot of you may no know that name.  That is understandable, before this he was directing commercials.  Judging by the reactions of the fans at Comic-Con, he is doing a great job.  

Early reports indicated that this film would not hit theaters until 2011.  But throughout Jim's blog he keeps mentioning the summer of 2010.  You see my friends, our wish has been granted.  It only took them 28 years to grant it, but who's counting.  Apparently Disney was not behind this idea a first they needed convincing:
To convince Disney executives that his vision for "TR2N" was commercially viable, Joseph spent six months working in secret with the folks at Digital Domain. Laboring to create a vivid, updated version of "TRON" 's famous lightcycles. With the hope that this three-minute-long sequence would then prove to the suits that a sequel to this 26-year-old film would actually appeal to today's gamers.

This is what they showed us at Comic-Con and the Geeks spoke! Of course it appeals to us! I am truly jazzed about this project.  I can't wait for it to be released.  If I had a way of showing you what we saw at Comic-Con I would.  It would blow your mind.  Don't worry, we here at GeekTyrant are determined to keep you up to date on this.  So as more information is released, we will bring it to you.  Until then fellow surfers, let me know what you think. 

McMurphy Out!


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