Dr. Venkman DVD Review: 'Chapter 27' Boring!

by Joey Paur

‘Chapter 27' is a movie based on Mark David Chapman the bastard that killed John Lennon. The movie stars Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan. Someone thought it would make a great movie about this guy, why I have no idea. I would have much rather put the money into making a decent movie about the life of John Lennon, now he is an interesting guy! If you haven't been able to feel the vibe I am putting out on this movie, it's a negative one.

I thought it would be at least a little interesting, but no, it was not interesting at all. The movie was bad, the script was bad, the acting was bad. Leto went and put on all the weight to play Mark Chapman and for what? Nothing. The movie was terrible I am not sure why anyone wasted there time on making this utter nonsense.

There is nothing interesting about Mark David Chapman in this film. The movie moved at a snails pace. You know what is going to happen at the end so I hate to say it, but I found myself telling my wife in the middle of the movie that "I wish they would get to the part where he kills John already". Even when the part did come I just didn't care anymore because I never got into the movie.

Had a movie been made on John Lennon and you come to know the man as the movie progresses and you start to become engulfed with his life. When the part of John getting killed comes along, it should really hit you and effect you in some way. But this movie does nothing like that. You feel nothing for Mark Chapman and you feel nothing when John is killed. You would think there would at least be a little tension before everything goes down, but its not there.

There is literally no emotion at all in this movie. The dialogue is as monotone as the movie itself. I could not stand Jared Leto's voice over narration in the film, it was so annoying I think he overplayed his Character. Yeah thats how Mark talked, but why did they make this movie again? Personally I don't think Jared Leto is a good actor he sure didn't prove himself in this one. Lindsay Lohan pretty played herself.

There was this repetitive close up shot throughout the film of Mark unfolding a cloth with revolver in it. It was ridiculous! The movie was directed by J.P. Schaefer. I will say this the movie did paint Mark Chapman l as a pathetic looser. I've seen much better movies about pathetic loosers though.

Who knows maybe the audience was supposed to not like 'Chapter 27'. The film only opened up in 11 theaters and made about $56,000 so that should tell you something about the movie.

'Chapter 27' was one of those few movie I felt was waste of my time, but thats why I am writing this review, I watched the stupid movie so you wouldn't have to.

-Dr. Venkman

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