What IF... Michael Bay wrote a 'Batman: The Dark Knight' Script!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - I know this is totally fake but I am rolling with the story as if it actually happened because its fun.

Boy oh boy am I am so happy Warner Brothers turned Michael Bays ass down! He would have killed this awesome Batman series! It is crazy to think that he thinks he could make a better Batman film! He obviously thinks that because he would not have tried to submit his script and idea to Warner bros. Don't get me wrong the guy is a great action film director but he has no bone of story structure in his body. He makes fun and exciting mindless action films. You just can't do that with Batman... again! Here is the title page of the script. It comes from my.spill.com . I would have to say first off this Bay script is totally not real, but other web sites say that it really is real! Click on the link or the script title page to view some more pages from Michael Bays vision of 'The Dark Knight'. Can you guess where the movie starts off? The pentagon. Its got Michael bays name written all over it! Literally!

In the end this actually could make a fun and ridiculous Michael bay movie.

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