'What Just Happened' Red Band Film Clip!

by Joey Paur

Venkman here

I love movies about the entertainment industry like 'The Player' and 'Swimming with Sharks'. I think this movie 'What Just Happened' is going to fit right in with those type of films. 'What Just Happened' is based on a book that is on my list of books I need to read. the book is by Art Linson here is a quick description:
In What Just Happened? we get to explore, at close range, finicky directors, clueless executives, shameless marketers, famous actors, battered screenwriters, and hapless producers crossing paths in such calamitous ways that it's a miracle these films get made at all. Linson is the ideal guide through this heavily land-mined, high-stakes industry, pausing for a moment here or there to explain some aspect or pitfall of the business, to wax nostalgic about film days past, or to serve up a compelling inside Hollywood tale of woe. Whether you love the movies or not, you won't be able to resist the stories behind them.

I think this movie is going to be great! It got Robert De Niro and Bruce Willis and I am sure there will be many other cameos. It is also directed by Berry Levinson. Check out the Red band film clip below!



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