Cage and Carpenter go to Prison Together to get Scared Strait

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with a little morning movie news. Nicolas Cage and director John Carpenter are going to team up for a new prison thriller called 'Scared Strait'. When was the last time either of these guys made a decent movie? Hold on let me think? Cage has made a lot of movies recently but none of them really any good. The Last movie John Carpenter directed was 'Ghosts of Mars' with Ice Cube and it sucked ass. Perhapes these two crazy guys will make the best film each has done in a long time. Or maybe it will be the worst. Who knows. But here is What THR says about the film:

"Straight" follows a troubled youth who's sent to prison off the Scared Straight crime-prevention program, which imprisons delinquent teens for a short period in the hopes of deterring them from a life of crime. While the teen is there, a riot breaks out and the prisoners take him hostage. A lifer, played by Cage, is forced to help the young man out.

Does the Scared Strait crime prevention program actually exsist? If not it would be a good idea. So I bet I know the twist of the story with this. Are you ready? Ok. The whole thing, the riot the kidnapping all of it is a set up to scare the kid strait. So then why is a lifer played by cage forced to help the kid? The key word is he is forced why is no one else in the prison forced to help the young criminal? Because he has been set up to. For what purpose who knows. but the whole movie is a conspiracy I tell ya!