Dr. Venkman DVD Review: 'Lost Boys: The Tribe'

by Joey Paur

Well last night me, Mr. Black and Root Mazer sat down to watch ‘Lost Boys: The Tribe'. Why you ask? Because curiosity got the better of us. I loved the first movie and I just had to see what type of craptastic sequel they threw together. It was awful. I knew it would be I went in to the battlefield with low expectations, but it even fell below that. Good lord I can't believe that movie was even made. I know it went strait to DVD but still, the money spent on that film could have went to a charity or something and actually done some good in the world.In this movie the vampires are surfer dudes instead of biker dudes. They go night surfing because it's awesome. Oh! And they can't go surfing at a regular beach they have to break into private properties to go surfing. At the beginning of the film they just happen to break into the private property of a wealthy vampire and when he comes out to stop they bite him to death and then rip off his head. Start title sequence.

The dialogue was absolutely horrific, you could tell they were trying to be funny and creative but it came of as stupid and stupid. The acting didn't make the movie any better. Or did it? I mean... we laughed at the actors, not with them. I also love how they had to get a Sutherland in there to play Shane the head vampire. Yes Shane was played by Angus Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland's half brother. He sure can't act that's for damn sure. This guy is a slow and low talker. He slurred all his words together and acted like he was totally high through the whole movie. It was incredibly annoying. All of the acting was bad! Everyone was just flat out terrible!

So I bet your wondering if Edgar Frog sported the bandana? Why yes he did! They really used Corey Feldman as a marketing tool for this film, funny thing is he is hardly in it. Then when he is in it you want him to leave again because its just ridiculous! I honestly think this guy could make a come back as a decent actor. I really do! But when he takes projects like this with writers, directors, and producers that have no creativity it set him back. Hopefully one day someone gives him a good role that will help him and not hurt him.

The movie had lots of blood, sex, and violence so if that all you care about in a movie than this is the flick for you! If you want to watch a good movie stay away from the pile of shit. Go watch the original ‘The Lost Boys'.

The best part of the movie is when they show that crazy muscle saxophone playing guy from the original movie, playing his saxophone in the streets, but this time he is fat and still sporting the chains.

I love how when someone is turned into a vampire in the movie, they just stop talking and become a very boring person void of any kind of personality. For example the main girl in the movie Nichole played by Autumn Reeser just stops talking as soon as she is turned into a vamp. Through the majority of the movie she is just a tag-a-long trying to look sexy. This movie makes vampires look like very boring people.

At the end of the movie during the credits there is a scene that was thrown in just for the hell of it where Edgar Frog and Sam played by Corey Haim from the first movie meet up in a park. It reveals that Sam somewhere along the line became a vampire and now Edgar has to kill him. Um, yeah seriously, it's a joke. What was the point?

This movie could have been a spin off to the hit Fox TV show The OC, but with vampires. After watching this movie I have to agree with Mr. Black that I would much rather watch the new upcoming ‘Twilight' movie.

Don't waste your time or money on this film! Even if you are a teenager and this appeals to you I implore you to go out and watch the original movie instead! You will be better off in the end.

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