EXCLUSIVE! Q & A with Hulk vs. Wolverine Director/Producer Frank Paur

by thedude

Only on Geektyrant will you be able to take in this exclusive interview with the man, the myth,  the legend Frank Paur! Frank is a comic industry heavy hitter with credits under his belt including; GI Joe, Transformers, Gargoyles, Batman the Animated Series, X Men: Evolution, The Invncible Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and his latest and upcoming Hulk vs. Wolverine, Hulk vs. Thor, and Planet Hulk. This is the man behind it all.

If you missed your chance to pick his brain at the Hulk vs Wolverine panel at Comic Con, this is your chance. All questions will be from you, the fans. Heres the scoop: for the next few days we will give you the chance to rant back to us with any question you may have for Frank. Anything goes, heck, ask him what kind of breakfast serial he eats for all I care. He can only take so many questions so get yours in first.

Dont miss this opportunity! RANT BACK!!!!

(As always, The Dude Abides)

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