Angelina Jolie Replaces Tom Cruise in 'Salt'

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - So I didn't see this one coming. Tom Cruise was set to star in Columbia Pictures espionage thriller 'Edwin A. Salt'. I guess Tom is not doing that anymore and the screenwritier of the movie Kurt Wimmer is re drafting the script so that Angelina Jolie can play the title character. Variety reports:

Jolie is close to a deal to play the title character, a CIA officer who's accused by a defector of being a Russian sleeper spy and must elude capture long enough to establish her innocence.

Cruise had long flirted with the project, but that ended recently. The well-regarded script had several male movie stars circling.

Jolie took a liking to it, prompting the studio's decision to rewrite it. Sources said the project won't require that much of an overhaul to suit her.

So thats interesting the title of the film will most likely be changed. I just don't see Jolie playing a woman named 'Edwin A. Salt' but thats just me.