Robert Downey Jr. Talks about 'Iron Man 2' and 'Sherlock Holmes'

by Joey Paur


Venkman Here - Robert Downey Jr. Recently did an interview with the Chicago Sun Times and he opened up about a couple badass projects he is working on that we are all very excited about. Lets start of with 'Iron man 2'. We are all very excited for this one, because the first one was just so amazing and invincible. They are currently at work on the sequel and here is what Robert is saying:

"You want some plot secrets? Okay, here we go, If he said he's Iron Man in the first film, it's one thing to say it and another thing to evolve to a point where you can live in a heroic fashion."

"Our goal is also more of the same in Iron Man 2," He added. "We want to do what worked for us last time. I'm talking about telling more of the story of a guy put in extraordinary circumstances, who has a family now and he's dealing with these forces. In Iron Man 2, you will be able to understand various points of view about him that are far-reaching while this guy is still grounded in reality."

Sounds pretty amazing. Wait! Tony Stark has a family now?! Did he marry Pepper Potts? Are they just living together do they have kids? How many? How much longer is this going to take place from where we left off? Is the Demon in the Bottle idea out? Only the people involved know for now. I do like that they are keeping this amazingly awesome superhero grounded in reality. I also like the idea of being able to see the different points of view of the man. What kind of light different people will see Tony in. That pretty interesting.

I am also looking forward to Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes film. This looks like it will be his biggest movie yet. So What did Robert Have to say about the great Sherlock Holmes?

"It will be director Guy Ritchie's take on Sherlock Holmes, It's a contemporary version of a classic tale. But we're not telling one of the stories from the books."

"The cool thing about Sherlock is he's a very skilled martial artist, So it's not just about his deductions. This movie will also be a very action-packed version of Sherlock Holmes."

Sherlock is finally goping to bust out some martial arts and kick some ass! For a man of his skill, it is only appropriate that he has trained with the greatest martial artists from around the world. Does Downey know Martial arts?

"I'm always training. I'm big into martial arts," Downey said. "We're putting together a team of people to do something more transcendent with the fighting for the movie.

"I love bare knuckled boxing," Downey said. "It's real balls to the walls brutal stuff. Guy is a martial artist and I'm a martial arts student. So you'll get all the Sherlock stuff, but hopefully much more fun."

Ummmm.... AWESOME! Looks like Robert Downey Jr. Is having a blast with these movies. It was nice of him to fill us in with what is currently going down in the movies he is working on.



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