J.J. Abrams must have had fun in LA's last Earthquake

by Joey Paur

Venkman here - I Guess J.J. Abrams had a great time riding the last earthquake that hit Los Angeles not to long ago. It inspired him to make a Earthquake movie. Abrams and David Seltzer who also wrote the original 'Omen'. This movie is not a remake of Universals 1974 movie 'Earthquake'. Variety reports:

Details of the story are being kept in a seemingly tremor-proof vault, though as is Abrams' modus operandi, relationships will be at the core of the project. Abrams arguably rewrote the rules for disaster flicks with "Cloverfield," which thrust the big story to the background by making the audience see the bedlam through the prism of a personal relationship.

Hell, I cold give you the details to the story! This is a disaster movie that involves an earthquake most likely it will have to deal with 'The Big One'. I just don't think a movie with a weak earthquake is going to be very exciting. I assume that a love story will be thrown into the mix. There will most likely be a few different stories of people that we will follow throughout the film. Will the characters end up crossing paths during the movie? What do you want its another Earthquake movie. I'm sure J.J. will throw something in to make it different and interesting.

I have to say I am a bit more interested in Pixars movie being made on the great quake of San Fransisco that is being directed by Brad Bird. 

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