Watchmens Rorschach Unmasked (SPOILER)

by Joey Paur

Venkman Here - I thought for sure Zack Snyder would keep this underwraps until the movie was released... I guess not. If you are interested in knowing what Watchmens Rorschach looks like with his mask off in the movie look no longer because where he is. This is a clip snaked by joblo from G4TV interview footage. I think he looks perfect for the part. I remember reading the comic book and how strange it was to see Rorschach without his mask on. I honestly didn't expect to see that sad little man that it ended up being. So here is our first look at the redheaded Kovacs. You may not notice in the pic but he has got the freckles and everything.


Here is the behind the scenes video it was taken from which is pretty cool so check it out:

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