Has 'The Dark Knight Returns' Marketing Begun?

by Joey Paur

Venkman here with what looks like a poster for a sequel to 'The Dark Knight'. I honestly think this is a fan made movie poster and if it is it looks great! If it is not a fan made poster then Warner Bros has started extreamly early in its marketing campiagn for a film that dosen't have a director or star attached to it yet. We are still waiting to see if Nolan and Bale will even be back for a 3rd Batman movie.

As you may or may not know Johnny Depp and Anthony Micheal Hall were rumored to play the the green suited Riddler in the next film. Lets just all calm down and wait to see what the game plan is and who is involved. Once Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale say they are in for a 3rd then lets break out the 24 pack of Hansons All Natural Soda and get hammered.

Whoever made the poster must be having a blast at how crazy it has blown up on the net. Congrats!

The Dark Knight Returns Poster