Kevin Smith has seen 'WATCHMEN' and here is what he Thinks

by Joey Paur

Venkman here and it looks like Kevin Smith got to se a rough cut of the Movie 'WATCHMEN' directed by Zack Snyder. All Kevin Smith movies aside the guy is a huge comic book fan so I think we can trust him when he says:

I saw "Watchmen." It's f*cking astounding. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed prevents me from saying much, but I can spout the following with complete joygasmic enthusiasm: Snyder and Co. have pulled it off.

Remember that feeling of watching "Sin City" on the big screen and being blown away by what a faithful translation of the source material it was, in terms of both content and visuals? Triple that, and you'll come close to watching "Watchmen." Even Alan Moore might be surprised at how close the movie is to the book. March can't come soon enough.

So there you have it folks. It has Kevin Smiths stamp of approval  if that means anything to you. From everything I have seen and heard on the film I think 'Watchmen' is going to blow everyone away. March really wont get here soon enough.

Speaking of 'WATCHMEN' here are some more Pics that will be in the next issue of Empire Magazine.

 Patrick Wilson as Night Owl in Watchmen

Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian in Watchmen

Malin Ackerman and Patrick Wilson in Watchmen

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