Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

by Joey Paur

Every review I have read has given this movie a terrible review and rightly so Star War: The Clone Wars was terrible for a movie! Here is the thing though, it seems that most people have forgotten that ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars' wasn't made to be a film. It was made to be a TV show. An animated TV show for kids and Star Wars fans. And Guess what? It works as a TV show.

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars' has a very Saturday morning cartoon type story. Count Dooku plots to turn Jabba the Hutt against the Jedis by kidnapping Jabba's ugly ass liitle slug son. While going through the process to rectify this Anikin gets a new Padawan to train. He is reluctant at first but them likes the idea probably because she is as reckless as he is. Around these story lines are lots of light saber fighting and big laser battles.

Had I watched this movie in its original TV form one episode at a time like it will end up being, I probably would have received it a little better. It just makes more sense as a TV show. Either way I can still see that George Lucas has just lost his touch.

It just doesn't work as a movie. The animation style was interesting. I liked everything that didn't have a human face. The space battles and ships were pretty cool and looked great. As a whole it is very impressive for TV effects.

The acting and character expressions were just as stiff as Episodes I, II, & III. The dialogue of this movie was absolutely terrible, but what do you expect for a TV show targeted to young kids. I have to say it seems like the script was written by a 10 year old Star Wars fan.  Most of the dialoge that is meant to be clever or cute ended up being annoying and sounding stupid.

Dave Filoni was the director of the film and claims to be a Star Wars fan. There is better talent out there that could have brought something more to the movie.

What did people expect this movie to be, a Star Wars masterpiece film? As far as I'm concerned it was just as good as ‘Phantom Menace', but not as good as Episode II and III.

The movie was made for TV and it shows. As bad as the movie seems we shouldn't be so hard on it, for the fact that it is a long animated TV show for kids that will work when seen in small doses.

If they wanted to make this Star Wars movie for adult audiences and really where trying to make a great movie then they really fell short.

The kids will love it though.

- Dr. Venkman

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