'Cryptozoo Crew' joins the fold

by thedude

Suprise suprise, yet another graphic novel has been picked up for film translation. The newest victim? Jerry Carr and Alan Gross' "Cryptozoo Crew". Alcon Entertainment snagged the rights. Alcon's stunning resume includes; "P.S. I Love You", "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (1 and 2), "My Dog Skip" and dont forget their all time greatest gift to the world, "Love Dont Cost a Thing". I am so excited to see this quality production company bring a graphic novel to life I just peed my pants. ( I have italicised the portions of my writing that are meant as sarcastic quip. Its for me just as much as it is for you, I forget sometimes when I'm being a smart ass)

The Plot line of 'Cryptozoo Crew' goes a little something like this;

Plot revolves around a member of a secret organization charged with protecting the identity of strange and rare animals classified as Cryptids. He teams with a beautiful doctor to protect a one-of-a-kind species from falling into the wrong hands.

Dammit! It looks like I'm too late to make my 'Land of the Lost' meets 'X-Men' meets 'Tomb Raider' meets 'Zooboomafoo' film a reality. Back to the drawring board for this kid.

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