Dr. Venkman Reviews: 'Death Race'

by Joey Paur

When I went and saw the movie ‘Death Race' I knew what I was getting myself into. A flick starring Jason Statham and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. This duo would be sure to produce one crazyass cheesy action flick of death.

Death Race was a hard and fast thrill ride with speed and adrenalin splattered throughout the movie. This movie was exactly what I expected it to be and I enjoyed every minute of it. This is the type of movie you go see if you want to stuff your face with popcorn and candy and at the same time not have to think about anything. You sit back and just enjoy the ride.

Before I give you a rundown of the movie you should know that the trailer for the film already spoils any type of spoiler.

Jenson Ames (Statham) was a normal guy with a family trying to make a living in a world that has gone to shit. His wife is murdered and daughter is taken away. He ends up in prison because he was convicted of his wife's murder. 6 months later he is summoned by the warden of one of the most notorious prisons, her name is Hennessey (Allen) and she is the big bad bitch. She brings Jensen to the prison so that he can race for her in the Death Race, a 3 day race which inmates brutalize and kill each other in hopes to win their freedom. The race is like a really expensive Pay Per View that the world can watch and enjoy. Hennessey pretty much forces him to race for her as a man that wears a mask named Frankenstein who is a hit among the viewers. The real Frankenstein died, but the audience doesn't know that. Hennessey is tricky like that. Jenson is then introduced to his pit crew and his car and this is when the movie blasts into fifth gear.

There is not a long set up before the action and race begins. Once your buckled in and the race begins the movie is going full speed until the end. The Death Race itself was incredibly entertaining, it is a gladiator battle modern day chariot race. With bulked up insane looking cars loaded with weapons and defense. The race itself kind of plays out like a video game where to activate the car weapons they have drive over certain lit up spots on the track. The Death Race itself makes up the bulk of the movie and it's just really fun to watch. Lots of guns, lots of explosions, lot of death and carnage.

Death Race stars Jason Statham who is the perfect actor for his role as Jensen. Ian McShane is great to watch on film no matter what he is doing, he played Coach. Tyrese Gibson as Machine Gun Joe was fun to watch. Natalie Martinez was nice to look at, and Joan Allen as Hennessey was just weird. She played the part well, but its just a role I thought I would never ever imagine her in.

The flick was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and its got his name written all over the film. Words that describe the directing style include, Fast, shaky, quick, cuts, choppy, zoomy, rugged, gritty, dirty, grey, red, and black. Michael Bay would like this movie or he might think Anderson ripped off his style.

The story was fine, the dialogue was fine with some really corny lines that will make you laugh. There is nothing groundbreaking about this movie. It is not going to win any awards outside of MTV, its not a classic movie, it's not a movie to buy on DVD, its one of those movies you only need to see once on the big screen, enjoy yourself for an hour and a half and then move on with your life. I tended to drive home a little faster than usual after watching this movie. Most fast car movies do that to me.

Whatever movie you end up seeing always remember to enjoy your time at the movies.

- Dr. Venkman


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