American Idol to add fourth judge:):):)

by thedude

Kara DioGuardi (right) & Dave Stewart (left)

Just thought I'd throw in some super sassy text message smiley explatives to attract the thirteen year old girls and flamboyant homosexual Justin Guarini fans (not that anyone is judging you) who would actually give a shit about a fourth judge on American Idol.

Its that one, the one on the right. Allow me to introduce Kara GioGuardi, a super cool, super fly songwriter who has had her hand in a wide array of pop magic anywhere from Hannah Montana to Kelly Clarkson.

Apparently Paula Abdul got super whiney and said, "No, I'm tired of Simon and Randy looking at my boobies, I need another female on the show so I dont look like a flake on national television because I am afraid to tell sucky people that they suck at singing..." (all this according to me. And in my head I used kind of a whiney not quite chick, but not quite man voice for affect)

Really though, the producers felt they needed a bit more "girl power" (That wasnt me, they actually said that) on the show. Rock on. As for me, I will continue to not watch American Idol.

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